Doug Adamson (Living Heather and Richard Bryant)

September 28, 2011 @ 9:08pm

My name is Doug Adamson and I have been trying to contact Jack Asgar-deen regarding a sum of money that he owes me. He has not been returning any of my phone messages and I would like to talk Jack regarding this matter



March 12, 2012 @ 10:10am

Jack also owes me a large sum of money for which I have a signed Promissory Note. If anyone knows of, or hears of, his whereabouts, PLEASE let me know!



March 24, 2012 @ 11:54am

I would like to share my wife and I’s story about how Jack took $60,000 in cash from us and left us with more than $100,000 in debt and tremendous embarrassment. First off, we are connected to Jack through family and considered Jack to be family. We’ve been to many family functions with Jack and shared many great times conversing with him over the last 15+ years. Jack came to us in 2010 with a process to help us sell a piece of property we had ownership in. Over a two month period Jack convinced us to loan him $60,000. Jack said he would use this money to renovate the property and then sell the property. He explained everything to us and put the whole process in writing including a promissory note for the $60,000. The whole process was to take approximately 6 months. Jack continually met with us during the renovations and blatantly lied to us about the progress on the property—we confirmed the lies by contacting the building manager who lived on site. He constantly told us that everything was okay and proceeding to plan. We were told that we would come out smelling like roses and that we were going to make so much money when this was all over.  Every time we went to the property to see the progress there was very little to none.  Jack would tell us that everything was happening fast and we confirmed that nothing was happening according to what he was saying.  From what we can tell (our opinion is), Jack used only a small portion of the $60,000 to gut 4 units of the 24 unit complex. Jack contracted some painting and hardwood trade services but walked away from the project about 2 months after we gave him the money.  We saw a kijiji wanted ad from what appeared to be a contractor who potentially worked on the project and who might not have been paid for his services.  The contractor was looking for Jack.  In the end, we were left with 4 gutted apartments that we had to spend an additional $25,000 to complete the renovations, which took over 9 months, therefore, we lost an additional $29,000+ in rental money. All in all, our losses are well over $100,000, all because we trusted Jack’s word. He held the cross on his necklace and swore to us that he would never take advantage of family. He promised us that everything would work out great.

It is our opinion that other people who engage in business dealing with Jack Asgar-Deen use caution and judgment. Our mistake has cost us dearly. Promissory notes offer very little security.  We have initiated civil proceeding against Jack but there is little hope that we will ever see any of our money ever again. Please consult a lawyer and note that any money given to Jack should be secured against property that he owns via a securities agreement. Also, make sure that you or your lawyer performs a land titles search to validate that the property in questions is actually owned by Jack.



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All statements are made in good faith to protect the public’s interest.

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